Kegel Exercises for Men: Benefits and How-To Instructions

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Mar 03


Male urinary incontinence is both manageable and preventable. Kegel exercises can allow you to take charge of your bladder that is leaky.

If you practice Kegel exercises (also called pelvic floor exercises) for five minutes, two or three times daily, you will likely see significant development in your capacity to control urinary leakage. Another bonus: Kegel exercises enhance erections, and can also help you have more intense orgasms.

What’re Kegel Exercises for men?

Kegels are exercises which allow you to fortify muscles and zero in on.

In men, urinary incontinence could result from a poor urinary sphincter which could come from operation for prostate cancer, an overactive bladder, or a bladder that does not contract. Kegel exercises can allow you to enhance — or in a few cases fully recover — bladder management.

Kegel Exercises Benefits

  1. Delaying ejaculation at the last moment
  2. Learning to relax the right muscles during sex
  3. Improving erection strength and size
  4. Improve the force of ejaculation
  5. Better orgasms
  6. Helping with incontinence, dribbling and leaks

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