Pianoforall Review: What Did I Get after Taking This Course?

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Apr 21
Pianoforall Review

My music passion has been with me for ten years now. I have tried some instruments, but they are still not enough. I've always wanted to learn the piano, but my busy work wouldn't allow it. So I needed an online course. 

That's why I decided to try the Pianoforall course. As a beginner, I looked for lessons to teach me how to play the piano from scratch without overwhelming me with academic jargon. 

Overall, I was amazed at the speed I could progress through the lessons of this Pianoforall program.

To help you visualize its pros and cons, I've written down my specific experience in the Pianoforall review. Let's keep on reading to get more details!


What Is Pianoforall?

What Is Pianoforall?

What Is Pianoforall?

Pianoforall is an online piano course designed to teach beginners how to play the piano quickly and easily. Created by Robin Hall, it uses a unique approach that focuses on practical skills rather than traditional music theory

Specifically, it includes a variety of learning materials, such as:

  • Video lessons

  • Audio examples

  • Interactive exercises

  • Many music styles

Besides, it features lessons that build on each other to help students master new skills and techniques.

These days, with its benefits, Pianoforall has become a popular choice for those looking to learn to play the piano. We can learn it regardless of our musical background or level of experience.

The above factors made me curious to try this course right after learning. So, learn more about it via this link!

What You Need To Use The Course

What I Need To Use The Course

What I Need To Use The Course

I needed my device and a piano or keyboard to access the lessons. I started with my small keyboard because it was cheaper and accessible. 

Yet, I know that upgrading to a better digital piano will be essential if I take piano lessons seriously.

Regarding course materials, I downloaded the Pianoforall ebook to my Windows computer.

I needed to download Flash Player and Adobe Reader to access the tutorials, videos, and audio. Because I use iOS, I installed the Readdle Documents tool. Yet, if you have an Android device, you must install the EZPDF Reader app ($1).

I love that the website provided detailed guides and a link to download them. And if I met issues, it also had some tips for me to fix them.

Also, I found out there is an option to get a free 7-day course just by claiming it. It was a great way to test before taking the course.

In short, I find Pianoforall's needs quite simple for beginners. Thus, you do not need to worry about the cumbersome before starting to learn.

Pianoforall Review

Pianoforall Review


I will tell you about my experience with this course without making you wait any longer. Get started now!

What Is In The Course?

To begin with, I would rate the quality of the course components:

Nine Interactive Ebooks

As a newbie to the piano, I was excited to discover the nine interactive ebooks at the heart of the Pianoforall course. I was not disappointed!

The eBook is comprehensive and takes you through many genres of piano music, including:

  • Blues

  • Ballad

  • Classical music

Accordingly, each book focuses on a specific topic and is logically structured. Hence, I could build my knowledge from one lesson to the next.

Although I was new to this instrument, I found Robin Hall's explanations easy to understand. In particular, diagrams and other included visual elements helped illustrate discussed concepts.

Besides, I was impressed with the format of the ebooks. They are very user-friendly. Also, I like that all video and audio files are embedded directly into the lesson. Hence, it was easy for me to follow and practice.

Check out these books!

Video Lessons

First, the videos were embedded in the ebook. So it was not surprising that they were easily accessible. Also, I didn't have to sort many files.

Video Lessons

Video Lessons

Accordingly, I could place my iPad on the music stand and read, play, listen to an audio clip, and watch a video without interruption.

With 300 video lessons included, I could access them right from the interactive ebook. I love that I could click on the audio lesson to hear what I'm reading.

Also, it was helpful to watch Robin Hall's keyboard demonstration as he played the lesson on the lower keyboard. Specifically, the dynamic keyboard above showed what notes he was playing. 

Besides, the videos added a lot of value to the course by allowing me to see the position and movement of my hands before practicing. 

Thus, I knew what notes I should play and what my hand should look like. This feature is the best. There is no other piano course as thorough as this!

Get these lessons!

Audio Tunes And Exercises

The tunes and exercises are a great addition to the already comprehensive program. Each exercise has a corresponding audio clip, allowing me to hear the sound before trying it. This feature is helpful for auditory learners like me.

The course has 500 exercises and clips - impressive learning material. Also, I appreciated the ideal short homework to double-check what I had learned. 

Moreover, it's great to have access to so many audio tracks. I could listen to tunes and exercises while doing other things, such as cleaning or cooking.

What Is The Curriculum Like?

What Is The Curriculum Like?

What Is The Curriculum Like?

As a music lover who has never played the piano, I found the Pianoforall course syllabus helpful. The course has nine ebooks with different piano aspects. The point here is that they build on skills learned in previous books.

In addition, this course provided me with a way to track their progress. Also, it ensured I understood the material before moving on to the next section. 

Besides, the test scores kept me on track and ensured I didn't miss any essential concepts.

One thing I love about this course is that Robin Hall plays in every lesson! The songs are not just simple melodies but range from easy to challenging. 

Also, it helped me to try different genres. Then, I could develop my style of play. Hence, learning becomes fun and engaging.

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Benefits of Pianoforall



Honestly, it has given me so many benefits that I can't count them all. But if I had to list the most prominent benefits, I'll show you the following five.

Let's see what they are!

Learn Rhythm Piano

I was so excited to learn about piano rhythms. I was intrigued by this technique, which is all about arranging notes to create patterns. 

I've heard that artists like Billy Joel and Elton John used the piano in a rhythmic style. So I would love to learn how to play popular tunes immediately.

The first eBook of the course focused on piano rhythm and taught me the basics. Soon I was learning the notes on the keyboard and some simple chords. Some of these chords look familiar because I've had experience playing guitar.

I was amazed at my speed to start playing music. I was making music within an hour, and my wife couldn't believe it either! By the end of my first ebook, I could play ten rhythms, which I could combine to play popular songs.

Besides, the second ebook goes even deeper into piano rhythms. Specifically, it focuses on rock and blues music's rhythms. I learned twelve-bar music. We all know it's an essential skill to play many kinds of songs.

Now, I can recognize the rhythm I learned in many famous songs. Also, I'm excited to explore different styles like ballads, ragtime, or jazz.

Learn Chords

The third ebook in this course is all about chords. At first, memorizing all the chords can seem overwhelming. But the book includes some mnemonic tricks that have made it easier for me to remember them all.

Learn Chords

Learn Chords

I love that the course taught all the existing chords. Learning all the chords is essential because it allows me to make music and play along to any song.

Also, book four builds on the foundation in book three by diving deeper into the world of chords. I learned about critical concepts like:

  • Chord notation

  • Descending chords

  • Cluster chords

When I finished these two ebooks, I could play chords easily and even made my music. It has been an incredible journey!

Learn Different Styles

I never thought learning piano's different styles could be so fun until I tried the Pianoforall course. The fifth ebook in this course taught me how to play ballads.

I was amazed at how popular chord patterns can be mastered with this style. Also, the mnemonic tricks in the book make learning chords less tedious. By the end of this book, I could improvise and play my ballads.

By this point, I had learned to play popular rhythms. I learned how to play jazz keys, discovered the harmonic structure's concept, and got many tips for improvising jazz.

Go Further

I have found the last two E-books of this course to be invaluable in my piano learning journey. Specifically, the eighth ebook has allowed me to delve into more classical styles of piano playing.

With this eBook, I was able to practice reading sheet music and learn more about musical notation and important musical terms.

The final ebook of the course might not be the most thrilling, but it's certainly an essential one. Learning basic concepts like scales and triples has provided a solid foundation I can continue to build. 

Also, I have found that regularly practicing these skills has improved the strength and accuracy of my fingers.


This course covered all the basics I needed to know to get to the intermediate level. Also, it taught me concepts that I could use to keep practicing and take my game to the next level.

One reason it's so versatile is its approach to teaching. Accordingly, the course uses a variety of teaching methods, including:

  • Diagram

  • Audio lessons

  • Video

They helped me learn through visual association. Hence, I can understand complex concepts like sheet music and chord progressions.

Besides, it focused on the ability to improvise and compose. I learned to play a few songs and developed the skills and knowledge to make my music. Hence, I could express myself through music in a way I never thought possible.

Join now to enjoy these benefits!

Pros & Cons

After going through the entire course, here are what I consider its main pros and cons:


  • Cover a variety of styles and techniques

  • Use a combination of audio, video, and diagrams

  • Affordable price point compared to others

  • Suitable for beginners with no prior piano playing experience

  • Includes practice exercises

  • Accessible online

  • Teaches improvisation and composition

  • Offers a money-back guarantee in 60 days


  • Not suitable for advanced piano players

  • The course materials are entirely digital

Who Is The Course Best For?

Who Is The Course Best For?

Who Is The Course Best For?

Whether you're a complete beginner or someone already has some piano basics, you can benefit from this course. The lessons are designed to teach you the basics of playing the piano while helping you stick with popular songs. 

With Pianoforall, I could get a solid knowledge of music theory while playing the songs I loved.

Besides, intermediate players can benefit from this course. The last few books provide helpful insights into more advanced techniques, such as playing by ear and improvisation. 

If you want to take your playing to the next level, Pianoforall has a solid foundation to build on.

But this course is not for everyone. If you are someone whose primary goal is classical music, Pianoforall may not be the right choice.

Also, if you want to learn specific popular songs, Pianoforall might not be the best choice. The reason is that it doesn't have a song collection to choose from. 

Yet, if you want to learn music theory and gain basic piano skills while playing popular songs, Pianoforall will meet your expectations.

In short, Pianoforall is the best course for adults and teenagers determined to learn how to play the piano and make real music.

How To Get Pianoforall?

How To Get It?

How To Get It?

To download Pianoforall, I first went to the official website and clicked the "Get Instant Access" button. From there, I went to a page where I could buy the course with a credit card or PayPal. 

This program usually costs $79. Fortunately, I was able to search for discounts or special offers available on the site to buy it for a discounted price of $49.

After completing the purchase, I received an email with a download link to access the course materials. 

Also, I've been getting free updates to the course as they become available. This benefit has ensured that I always have access to the latest documents and resources.

In short, getting this course is simple and can be completed in just a few minutes. I believe you can also do this process quickly!

>> Get it now! <<

About The Creator: Robin Hall 

Robin Hall has a unique background, and it sets him apart from other piano instructors. Before starting the show, he worked as a cartoonist and taught piano. His piano teaching method in the program uses traditional and modern teaching methods.

Hall is skilled at both the keyboard and grand piano as a pianist. This versatility benefits students looking to learn a combination of playing classical piano and modern melodies on the keyboard. He founded Pianoforall in 2006 and has been a full-time instructor ever since.

What made Robin Hall stand out to me was the impressive amount of tips and tricks he shared. His practical advice helped me to progress faster. 

Plus, he's come up with many helpful tips for memorizing important concepts like chords and progressions. Instead of focusing on academic knowledge, he emphasized practical techniques that helped me play better.


Do You Need Piano Lessons?

Yes. While you can learn the piano without lessons, having a teacher can provide valuable feedback, guidance, and motivation.

Is Pianoforall Good for Beginners?

Yes. Pianoforall provides a step-by-step learning process and has versatile lessons that teach music theory while playing songs.

How Long Is Pianoforall?

The answer depends. The Pianoforall course consists of:

  • Nine ebooks

  • 200 video lessons

  • 500 audios

So the time to complete the course depends on the student's pace and dedication.

Is Pianoforall Worth It?

Yes, it is. For an affordable price, you get a comprehensive course that teaches you the fundamentals of the piano. Also, it provides a solid foundation for future learning.

Can Everyone Be Good At Piano?

Yes. While some people may have a natural talent for piano, anyone can become proficient with enough effort and practice.


So we've gone through my Pianoforall review. In short, it is an excellent investment if you want to learn to play the piano. It has a unique approach to learning for beginners of all ages. 

Thus, with consistent practice, you will achieve your musical goals. So, get Pianoforall now to enjoy the best deal! 

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